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Headspin Records is one of the record labels of Clear Spot International, based in Alkmaar. On HEADSPIN we offer heavy stoner and psych rock sounds by excellent contemporary artists, including GRAVIATORS, PORCUPINE TREE, SUN DIAL, SIENA ROOT, ETERNAL ELYSIUM, CIRCLE, NIGHTSTALKER, ORANGE SUNSHINE, INSTANT FLIGHT and THREE SEASONS. Many of these titles -mostly luxurious vinyl editions- come with exclusive bonus tracks. Order these Head Spin gems through our Shiny Beast Mailorder.





LP (12"/10" Album)


Release date: 15/08/2019



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Limited to 200 copies on clear/orange vinyl. Psychonauts Comacozer return with their signature acid rock with even more psychedelic madness. 'Mydriasis' is a brain-crushing full length by this Sydney-based heavy psychedelic space rock band. Three tracks of the most hypnotic, liquid, spaced out, mind bending jams around, taking you on a journey straight down the rabbit hole and will leave you floating through the other end of the universe. Comacozer are known for their meditative passages ending in an orgasm of sound. 'Mydriasis' is an adventurous, exciting and hypnotic release by one of the heaviest space rock/doom bands. Perfect for psychonauts who want to space-travel and ultimately get crushed by the weight of asteroid.





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