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Headspin Records is one of the record labels of Clear Spot International, based in Alkmaar. On HEADSPIN we offer heavy stoner and psych rock sounds by excellent contemporary artists, including GRAVIATORS, PORCUPINE TREE, SUN DIAL, SIENA ROOT, ETERNAL ELYSIUM, CIRCLE, NIGHTSTALKER, ORANGE SUNSHINE, INSTANT FLIGHT and THREE SEASONS. Many of these titles -mostly luxurious vinyl editions- come with exclusive bonus tracks. Order these Head Spin gems through our Shiny Beast Mailorder.





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Release date: 20/10/2005



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SOLD OUT. PORCUPINE TREE's second album was released in 1993. Essentially still a studio solo project by Steven Wilson, this album saw the first involvement of future band members Richard Barbieri and Colin Edwin. Up The Downstair continued the originality and experimentation of the first album but saw the band move in a more focused direction with long extended instrumental sections drawing on space rock influences. The sound became brooding and intense with Richard Barbieri's dark electronics and Colin Edwin's flowing bass work adding a new backdrop to Steven Wilson's stunning guitar work. The songs remain as ever, hook laden and poignant and live favourites such as "Not Beautiful Anymore" and "Burning Sky" perfectly combine songscapes. Up The Downstair has been totally re-recorded with new live drum tracks by current Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison - replacing the drum machine on the original recording. The result is a stunning new Porcupine Tree album! In addition this package also includes the rare mini-album release Staircase Infinities that was originally available on Lazy Eye records as a 10" record. This double LP package features album bag/inserts with artwork based on the original Up The Downstair and Staircase Infinities releases.





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