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Headspin Records is one of the record labels of Clear Spot International, based in Alkmaar. On HEADSPIN we offer heavy stoner and psych rock sounds by excellent contemporary artists, including GRAVIATORS, PORCUPINE TREE, SUN DIAL, SIENA ROOT, ETERNAL ELYSIUM, CIRCLE, NIGHTSTALKER, ORANGE SUNSHINE, INSTANT FLIGHT and THREE SEASONS. Many of these titles -mostly luxurious vinyl editions- come with exclusive bonus tracks. Order these Head Spin gems through our Shiny Beast Mailorder.





LP (12"/10" Album)


Release date: 10/12/2013



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Limited 200 copies 180gram black vinyl. Printed inner-sleeve This euro-only vinyl version of the 'Highflyer' CD has 2 extra tracks and a total playing time of 33 minutes, making it an 'almost full album'. This set features among others the theme song for Big Japan Pro-Wrestling's Shinya Ishikawa and a cover of the great Flower Travellin' Band tune, 'Map'. Eternal Elysium pull from '60s psychedelia, '70s riff rock, '80s stadium metal, '90s grunge and widely disperate cultural influences from African beats to kraut rock. Diverse and totally heavy!" Track listing: 1. Highflyer 2. Map 3. Circulation 4. Highflyer-Down Not Out 5. Behind (extra track) 6. 528 (extra track). Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Zen, Nagoya, April to August 2012. 'Map' was written by Kuni Kawachi of FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND.





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